Terms, Conditions and Regulations for Using ("Done") by Customers and Service Providers

These terms and conditions are applied to your usage of the application and the website ( ) - "Done" website and application

By using the "Done" website and application, you are accepting to commit to the following terms and conditions. In case of not accepting the terms and obligations, you shall be obligated not to use the website and application.

We reserve our right to change the terms and conditions from time to time without any notification whatsoever. Accordingly, it is your responsibility to check the term and conditions periodically. Continuing of the use of "Done" website and application shall be considered an acceptance of the terms and conditions applied at the time of your usage to the website and application.

As part of our obligation to make "Done" a website and application you want to visit continuously, we are more than happy to receive all your comments upon any of the policies or rules that we are listing below.


"You are the formula of the addressee", indicates the user of "Done" website and application and all leading expressions shall be considered.

"We are the formula of the speaker", means "Done" an application owned by"MadTech Trd Co.",National address (6746 almarefa - AlOlaya district 4317 KSA - Postal Code Riyadh 12311) , Location address (Riyadh king Fahad road- building number 6747) Phone Number +966 11 201 4443 , Fax number +966 11 201 4442.

All leading expressions shall be considered. ""Done" website and application" indicates to the meaning specified above.

"User's information"means the personal details that you provide to us through "Done" website and application.

"Users"means the users of "Done" website and application as a whole and/or individual as the context indicates.

"Done" website and application"means the website and the application upon the global informational network.

"Content"means any reviews, comments, messages, data, information, text, music, voice, photo, drawing, video, symbol or other materials that are recorded or presented upon "Done" website and application in a direct way or through the website and the application of others.

"Interactive areas"means discussion forums, billboards, review services, chatting or other forums that are provided by "Done" website and application and that are used by other users for publishing the content.

"Automatic processing"means robot, web, screen scraper, tools of collecting data or other tools or routine or automatic process

These terms and conditions that are subjected to amendments or changes from time to time means the permissible usage for logging into "Done" website and application

We reserve the right to the immediate termination of your usage of "Done" website and application in the event of your breach to any item in the terms and conditions, if we believe, based on our reasonable grounds, that you could violate the terms and conditions or if you made a behavior we see, at our absolute discretion, as being unacceptable.

"Done" grants a license that is not exclusive to you, and you shall not have the right to waive or subcontract or otherwise, and the primary responsibility shall be charged by the main user who has been granted the right of usage. A third party may not be intervened unless by the approval and consent of "Done".

As part of our continuing dedication to data security and customer privacy Done offers all customers the opportunity to request data deletion for any data associated with their account.

Who can request data deletion?

Any user of Done Platform can request to delete their data from our server. Nobody can request to delete someone else's data.

What is the data deletion process?

If you want your data to be deleted, you can simply write to us an email at with the following you name, registered mobile number and email address. Please put "Removal of account Data request" as the email subject.

We will start processing your request once we have confirmed your associated account with your email. We will send you an email within 30 days with the final status of your request.